Measuring Connection

How do you measure something as intangible as innovation?

Our method has the Rainforest Alberta community score how effective each pillar is working in relation to each other. These measurements are calculated into a score out of a possible 1000 points.

Need more info? Read The Rainforest Scorecard - A Practical Framework for Growing Innovation Potential.

The first time Alberta measured the pillars, we scored 464/1000. A failing grade.

Rainforest Alberta has set a goal of 800/1000 by 2020.

How do we get to 800?

To achieve this, we created open spaces for our community to collide and build relationships. The sheer act of gathering and connecting had been enough for our score to naturally rise over the 2 years.

In 2019, a shift occurred. To push in the second half of our goal, we are focusing our action. Together we work on initiatives to improve gaps in the ecosystem, framed through the six pillars.

Coming together has helped the score naturally rise from 464 to its current standing of 599. Moving forward, Rainforest Alberta has created initiatives that improve areas under the six pillars, allowing us to lift the score further up.

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