Our meetings stir up lots of excitement and ideas to improve the ecosystem. Here are the initiatives volunteer community members are collaborating on.

We’re operating in the spaces between existing efforts, creating new initiatives that benefit everyone already hard at work.

Leaders, Innovators + Big Ideas Podcast

Pillar: Role Models (Secondary: Culture, Leaders, Activities & Engagement)

Leaders, Innovators and Big Ideas the podcast is supported by Rainforest Alberta and showcases those who are contributing to and / or supporting the innovation ecosystem in Alberta.

A diverse array of hosts sit down with some of Alberta's hardest working entrepreneurs and talk shop about innovation, building business, and the lessons learned along the way.

Listen to the Rainforest Podcast HERE

Project Lead: Al

Phase: Exploratory - Advancing - Sustained

Scorecard Retooling

Having used the Rainforest Strategies LLP Scorecard as an organizational health check for the last three years for the innovation ecosystem, it’s now time to retool. The community has grown and evolved beyond our current measuring tool. The purpose of an updated scorecard survey is to capture the community strengths and opportunities more accurately. A new version ensures our city and our province can continue to build leaders, innovators, and be a global leader in tech culture.

Renovation Workplan and Timeline HERE

Project Lead: The Community/Mackenzie & Kourtney

Phase: Phase: Exploratory - Advancing - Completed

Definition/Glossary of Terms

From abbreviations to acronyms, negotiating the language of tech and innovation can be a hurdle for those seeking to enter the ecosystem. Contribute to this community document if you’ve got experience, and read this document if you’re new (and welcome btw).

Contribute/Read HERE

Project Lead: The Community

Phase: Phase: Exploratory - Advancing - Sustained

Website Update

Pillar: Activities & Engagement (Secondary: Resources, FPI, Culture)

An updated website as a platform to provide context and understanding around Rainforest AB, the current initiatives, and eventually an interactive space for those who’ve signed the social contract to connect with other community members.

The website will serve to better tell the stories of the successes and initiatives driven by Rainforest members and the impact this work has on our city and province both culturally and economically.

Future iterations of the website will look to include interactive elements and a backend for Rainforest members to connect with their peers.

Project Lead: Dafne

Phase: Exploratory - Advancing - Sustained

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VC Roadmap

Pillar: Resources (Secondary: Culture)

This project focus is creating and facilitating conversations with venture capitalists, angel investors, and other funders in the ecosystem.

The discussions will aim to explore the existing barriers and hurdles of increasing financial investment into Alberta tech and innovation. Facilitators will work with funders to identify perceived or actual risks, expectations of those seeking funding, and get a base understanding of what investors know about tech and innovation in Alberta.

Through two-way dialogue the aim is to break down barriers and move towards increased opportunities to connect capital to innovators, design training and education for those seeking investment, and ultimately see an increase in funding and economic return in the tech and innovation in Alberta.

Project Lead: Debbie & David

Phase: Exploratory - Advancing - Completed

Conversation Report Here


Pillar: Role Models (Secondary: Culture, Leaders, Activities & Engagement)

Understanding that all community members thrive in an ecosystem that provides valuable, relational, and targeted advice and guidance, creating an opportunity for mentors and mentees to engage with each other will further the objectives of the Rainforest.

Helping members understand the roles and responsibilities of being a mentor and mentee will be communicated through short, facilitated sessions, pre/post LWOL.

Relating specifically to the social contract, relationships will be defined through uniquely Rainforest principles. The goal is to provide a fertile ground for organic collisions and help members understand their value in the movement.

Project Lead: Sarah

Phase: Exploratory - Advancing - Completed

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