Randene Seeman

A dedicated energy industry professional, Randene Seeman has over 15 years of Surface Land and 18 years of Agriculture experience. As an expert in her field, Randene has represented large international owner/operators through to small private owner/operators. Her broad history of experience includes negotiations in sensitive areas, energy project management, project logistics, vendor and client management, and optimizing cost efficiency.

COMPANY: Surface Land 101

FOUNDER: Randene Seeman

WHERE: Calgary, AB


TARGET MARKET: Producers, Midstream Companies, and Engineering Companies

Project, land and regulatory management are consistently labour-intensive roles within the Oil & Gas Industry, but Randene Seeman aims to change that with her cloud-based project management software, Surface Land 101.

The software provides project tracking and reporting, surface land-regulatory-compliant processes, and project autocomplete templates. It also offers live chat with a regulatory specialist.

Randene noticed a big gap in the industry, especially after Alberta's economic downturn when so many people were being let go.

Repsol laid-off 30% of their staff — where did their projects go? Were they sitting on spreadsheets in somebody's personal file? Who are the service providers? When are the projects due? Nobody knows.

The software identifies the status of the projects, as well as where the bottlenecks and accomplishments are in the process and where service providers or workers actually need help. In today's work environment, says Seeman, there's a lot of stress because people are worried to even raise their voice and say "hey, I'm a little inundated."

She's definitely a land management expert but not at all a tech expert. What she did was work with a friend who was getting his start in the tech industry. She kept her costs down by being very organized and extremely involved with the development of her software.

What I did was, I took a big piece of paper, drew out how I wanted the site to look, and my developer made it happen. I'm completely competent with the technical parts of my own industry so I wrote all of the content and had a friend edit it.

Our Q & A With Randene Seeman.

How have you funded your company?

I have self-funded SL101; we are just moving from Beta testing to a paying subscription company. This transition has allowed us to demo it through a variety of companies, including producers, land brokerages and engineering companies. Currently, there are no paying subscribers.

Who are your mentors?

I have a number of very successful entrepreneur mentors to help direct me along the path to success. One that stands out is Lori Adams from Alberta Innovates. She understands what this entire process is like and where I need to be focusing.

What resources have you found helpful?

  • 321 Growth Academy - this is to help understand marketing, sales and focus
  • Startup Calgary Canvas Series
  • Working with a magnitude of advisors - all Entrepreneurs who have owned, run and sold many businesses
  • Working with Alberta Innovates
  • Lots and lots of reading and researching online

What areas are you going to focus on?

I am currently focusing on North America as the first channel. My product is easily customizable to any industry that requires project management such as utilities, telecommunication, mining, construction, etc. In working with a couple of international companies, I will be expanding worldwide within the year.

Are you looking to raise money for your project?

I don't want just money — I want working money, and this includes expertise, connections, as well as an expedited growth vision.

There are no other systems available with the full scope that SL101 software provides – from fact-based project tracking, project autocomplete templates to on-demand contact with a regulatory specialist.

SL101 is a solution for an identified gap within the project management industry. It is a cloud-based solution software, keeping the entire organization up to date with current data, reporting, processes and regulations. It’s an off-the-shelf and customized software, enabling a company to be effective and efficient.

What do you think you need to grow?

I will be looking to grow SL101 within the next couple of months. This will include hiring at least three more people; to be honest, I’ve been doing everything on my own. Also, we are currently upgrading the software to include backend software bridging which minimizes the data entry to the project tracker and updates the projects as they progress, eliminating redundancy. We also are implementing an auto downloadable survey plan which completes all regulatory required documents for the specific project, reducing data entry and human error by 95%.

What one lesson or tip would you share with other entrepreneurs looking at starting their own tech company?

The tip I would give a new entrepreneur is based on my lessons learned, which is to be prepared with a clear focus and ask many questions along the way.

  1. Idea
  2. Plan and Research
  3. Execute

Follow the three C’s — be creative, be a critic and be a crusader.

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