Our Rainforesters have recommended these three Meetups that you must check out!

ATB Tech on Tap: The future of work

Explore three diverse perspectives on how external forces are impacting the workforce: the tech talent deficit in Canada, the rise of the gig economy, and what this all means for Alberta — today, and in the future.

Knowers Become Learners: Stakeholder Management During Rapid Change

Christa Hill, Senior Product Manager at Benevity, takes you through a Product Development case study with a focus on managing a large and diverse group of stakeholders. You’ll learn simple and practical tactics to help you work on large projects that cross multiple teams during times of rapid organizational change.

Tech West Collective: Fall 2019 Expo

Calgary’s Tech Companies are looking to hire the best talent now and in the coming weeks and months.

  Posted: Friday, November 8th, 11:00am 3 months ago