This episode of Leaders, Innovators and Big Ideas is hosted by Manuel Olumorin.

Manuel Olumorin is an engineer who worked in the oil and gas business, now a marketer helping small businesses reach new customers on digital platforms and keep their existing customers happy. His superpower is that he has an insatiable hunger to learn and try new things.

Lenneal is a bubbly, efficient and organized Virtual Executive Assistant who works with business owners (large and small) to help them organize and maintain the day to day administration tasks of their businesses, so they can focus on what they do best. From creating templates, and multi-page reports to developing sophisticated cross referenced, macro-enabled excel spreadsheets, Lenneal has been “office optimizing” since 2005. Linneal has developed skills in: project management; event planning; and creating organization through data analytics.

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  Posted: Monday, June 10th, 8:43pm 8 months ago