Rainforest Social Contract

I am joining the Alberta community of people sharing a common faith in continuously growing the CULTURE of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are an inclusive, silo-busting, sector agnostic, all industry, open source, ego shrinking, ecosystem building, entrepreneur focused, wide open, social barrier smashing community.

This agreement describes what it means to innovate together. It defines what we allow and pursue versus what we resist and avoid.

It is a litmus test for the quality of our decisions, actions and ways of being together. By signing this agreement I agree to join the Rainforest community, to embrace and promote this explicit set of 10 values and principles:

1. DIVERSITY - I embrace diversity, strive to create equal opportunity for every person and I am open to meeting anyone in this community.

2. FREE HELP - I understand that I will receive valuable help from others for free.

3. TRUST - I will give trust to others before expecting to receive trust in return.

4. PAY IT FORWARD - I agree to “pay forward” whatever positive benefits I receive.

  • For every introduction I get, I will provide an introduction to another person.
  • For every hour of advice I receive, I will give an hour of advice to someone else.
  • For every risk someone takes with me, I will take a risk with a different person.

5. FAIRNESS - I will be nice and treat everyone fairly. I will take advantage of no one.

6. LISTENING - I will bring people together and listen, as none of us is as smart as all of us. I believe in the big tent. I believe we gain strength through diversity.

7. HONESTY - I will be truthful and frank. I will break rules and call out elephants in the room.

8. TEAM SPORT - I will create teams to play, dream, experiment, iterate, and persist. I understand mistakes happen. Failing quickly and cheaply are acceptable ways of testing new ideas.

9. SHARING - I will open myself to learning from others. I am eager to act to learn. I will share my knowledge in the spirit of the Creative Commons to help nurture learning in others.

10. ROLE MODEL - I will lead at times and follow at other times. Each person acts as a role model for everyone else. I will live these ideals and enforce them as a member of the Rainforest community.