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Submission Guidelines for Rainforest Alberta

In order to be considered a contributing author, you must be a member of the Rainforest Alberta Community that means you've signed the Social Contract. You can join our community at no cost via The Social Contract.

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Topic Area

Please give us your suggestion for the topic category or subject area of your article—Cannabiz, Health, Recreation or Lifestyle. We will use your suggestion if possible.

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Please include your contact information with your submission—your name, company name (where applicable), your address, website URL and email address. The only contact information we publish online is your name.

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Note: Submitting content to puts you on our mailing list. You might even win some swag! (But just to be clear, we can't guarantee it… just sayin')

Article Format

Submit your writing to in plain text or html in the BODY of the email and NOT as an attachment. Pictures/photos (imagesource included) and other visuals should either be attached or as a link located in the body of the email. All other supplemental materials such as graphs and charts are encouraged as a link back to the original source (not as an attachment).

Grammatical Errors

We do not edit for length, content or grammar. We do look for minor grammatical errors and if the article has several errors, it will be REJECTED by our editorial team. may or may not contact you to inform you that your content was rejected.

Editorial Decisions

NOTE: While the culture and vision is open and honest, it is not profane, vulgar, racist or anything else which our team feels would tarnish our fine reputation. To protect our good name, you agree that all editorial decisions are final.

Published Indefinitely

This is especially important because once up on our site, your article will stay there…unless we delete categories due to a website redesign or an unforeseen circumstance.


At this time we are not paying for article submissions of any kind.

Submission Deadline

The 15th of every month for the following month. For example—April 15th for articles to be published in May.

When will your article be published? cannot guarantee a specific publishing timeframe. As a result, in the subject line of your email, please draw our attention to content of a timely nature. Sadly, we will not be able to use every article submitted.


Copy/paste is out. Spinning is for fairy tale queens and princesses. It's so not about running your text through your favourite plagiarism checker and making sure it passes. is looking for original, unique content.

As a result…

Copyright Information

We only accept articles written by the author or copyright holder. adheres to all local, national and international copyright laws. By submitting an article to our site, you are granting permission for its use in our resource library (articles). Contributing authors retain all copyrights to their individual works.


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