At the heart of Rainforest Alberta lie values like paying it forward, being a team player, and offering free help. This often manifests as volunteer opportunities within our community. Check out below all the current opportunities for you to do your part in the innovation ecosystem!


(AKA Free Help & Team Sport - Social Contract Values 2 & 8)

Event Greeter

Ask : Welcome and confirm registration of community members to our events! This is a great chance to get to know the community on a first name basis.

Time Commitment : 45 mins

Lunch Without Lunch: 11:30-12:10 on Wednesdays

Power Hour: Every second Tuesday night, start time varies between 4:30 and 5:30.

Activity Facilitator

Ask : Engage community members with a fun, facilitated activity that spurs collisions and connections.

Time Commitment : 11:30-12:00 on Wednesdays (LWOL)

Technical Support

Ask: Set up and manage event slideshow. Manage the live stream of our LWOL event for our community members who can’t attend in person, or those who want to go back and review intros and announcements.

Time Commitment : 12:00-1:00 on Wednesdays (LWOL)

Data Capture

Ask: Archive saved videos from events. Includes producing time stamps, transcribing key messaging, and organizing files.

Time Commitment : 0.5hrs - 1hr/week, depending on your skill level!

Workshop Support

Ask: Assist the workshop leader by checking in participants, acting as secretary for questions and comments to support further workshop development, and passing out and collecting surveys.

Time Commitment : 12:00-12:45 on select Wednesdays.

Initiative Champion

Ask: Do you see a gap in the innovation ecosystem? Is there room for Rainforest to build on our pillars and strength as a community in helping further tech and innovation? Let’s talk.

Podcast Host

Ask: Got the gift of gab? Love learning more about innovation in Alberta and the people making it happen? Join the Leaders, Innovators + Big Ideas podcast team as a host!

Blog Interviewer

Ask: Story tellers wanted. If you like to conduct interviews with role models and leaders then write a blog post this role is for you. Using a Rainforest Alberta designed Q & A framework stepping into the interviewer role has never been easier.

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(AKA Pay it Forward - Social Contract Value 4)

Lunch Without Lunch Co-Host

Ask: Know an amazing role model in the province that needs to co-host Lunch Without Lunch? Let us know! Nominate them to get up and share their story with the community.

Podcast Guest

Ask: Who has an innovative story that our community needs to hear? Connect Rainforest Alberta to them so they can be interviewed on the Leaders, Innovators + Big Ideas podcast!

Blog Interviewee

Ask: Who has a leadership story that our community needs to hear? Tell us about the people, companies, and organizations that have embraced the Rainforest Pillars and Social Contract. Connect them to Rainforest Alberta so we can interview them for our blog posts showcasing leaders and role models in our ecosystem.

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